How to Play Tailors

Tailors is a cooperative game, everyone contributes their own personal flair to the story. The fun lies in creating a story together that’s never been told before. Finding a satisfying ending can be silly or profound!

Setup for 2-3 players

  1. Remove the instruction cards and the blank cards. Then shuffle each deck separately and place them side by side. The Story deck has green card backs and the Character deck has red card backs.

  2. To start, each player draws one Story card and one Character card. Players do not have to keep their cards secret although they may hide them until playing them for added spontaneity.

  3. Next, starting with the oldest person and taking turns clockwise, each person plays both their cards by placing them on the table in front of them. The Story card is placed beneath the Character card with the title showing. While playing the cards, each person names their character and says a few sentences about their character’s backstory.

Each Story card has two options. The options are blue “action” and red “mission” for some cards and green “flaw” or yellow “power” for others. The player chooses whichever option best fits the story and lays it on the table with their choice facing up so they can read it.

Story Cards   – Two Options –  (front / back)

Character Cards                               (front / back)


  1. Players take turns drawing a Story card, laying it on the table, and adding to the story. To play the card, stack it on the table beneath the Character card, with the title showing, and tell the next part of the story based on the prompt chosen. The cards are there to spark the imagination. Playing a card does not bind the player to the words on the card, but rather acts as the springboard for the imagination.

  2. A player can tell the story about any character, not just their own. The player may play a card on someone else’s character, placing it beneath their Character card and adding to their story. To introduce a new important character to the story, a player draws a Character card instead of a Story card and plays it, telling the next part of the story.

  3. When 12 cards have been played, find an ending. Twelve cards, including Story and Character cards, is the recommended number but feel free to end whenever the story is finished. …The End.


Character and Story card layout with two  players

Setup for More than Three Players

  • When playing with more than three people, draw only one Character card and one Story card to start. Then take turns telling the story together the same as with 2-3 players.

  • For game length when playing with more than three people, add two cards per additional player. Continue playing Story cards up to the new target number until the story is finished (14 cards for 4 players, 16 cards, for 5 players, 18 cards, for 6 players, etc.).


Other ways to use the cards


  • Pick a single card to get inspiration for your day.


Intention Setting & Personal Revelation

This can be used at the beginning of the day, right before a meeting, or at the start of a long-term project. It can be an opportunity to connect with your inner storyteller and let it guide you on your way.

  1. Ask yourself a question or set an intention.

  2. Draw a character card and a story card.

  3. Tell yourself a short story connected to the two cards.

  4. If you get stuck, draw another card from either deck.

  5. Finish the story and see if your question/intention is met!


The rules for Tailors are intentionally directive to get you playing and to provide support for your imaginative storytelling. Players are encouraged to develop their own rules to fit the evolving needs of their storytelling. This is your game as much as it is ours. There are as many ways to play as you can invent. Please share your own game rules with us by clicking the button below! 

How to Play Tailors